Cafe de l’Orangerie, Japanese, Vancouver

I’ve never heard of Cafe de l’Orangerie until I saw the ad on Klip magazine. Although the name sounds French, it is actually a cozy, authentic Japanese cafe owned by two Japanese chefs.





They have a big menu despite there are only two people running the restaurant!


Nice, cozy atmosphere

Hamburger steak with curry sauce ($10 or around that)
I missed hamburger steak because I used to eat it quite often at 我家牛排 (steakmyhome) when I lived in Taiwan. This hamburger steak was very tender, flavourful with the curry sauce. It was so delicious that I finished the whole plate! For only $10 I think it was a great meal. Hearts: 9.1/10

Hamburger steak with sauce demi-glace ($10)
This is my friend’s food. It’s basically the same as mine except the sauce is different. The egg looks really yummy too.

Dango / Black sesame parfait ($5.80)
I loooved this! I was deciding between the black sesame or the choclate banana flavour but I chose this because I know Japanese desserts with black sesame cannot go wrong. It was really delicious, smooth and sweet. There were layers of ice cream, whipped cream, black sesame sauce, cereal flakes, granola, mochi and crunchy straws. It was totally my kind of dessert! Layers of awesome goodness. I would totally come back for this. The only thing I wish is a wider glass so it’s easier to scoop the ingredients at the bottom. Hearts: 9.4/10

-by Jenny Shen, EatWithJenny

11 thoughts on “Cafe de l’Orangerie, Japanese, Vancouver

  1. Sounds like a great place to eat. Living in the area I’ve always kind of walked by it, probably because the previous establishment wasn’t great. But I have to admit the name is a little deceiving but I think I’ll drop by there one of these days.

    That parfait looks so gooooood.

    • Hi Vincent! Thanks for dropping by. Definitely try their parfaits and other desserts. The only difficult part is choosing which one. =)

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Your first posts just appeared on Urbanspoon! Check it out:
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    Let me know if you have any questions.

    • Hi Ken,
      Thanks for contacting me! This is great. I just claimed my blog and I’m looking forward to the collaboration.


    • I didn’t get a chance to try Barefoot Kitchen! 29th Ave Cafe, one of my to-eat restaurants also sells Hamburger Steak. I’m interested to know what you think of this! Compared to 我家牛排 😛

      Thanks for visiting!

      • You must try 29th Ave Cafe. There Hamburg Steak isn’t quite as good as barefoot kitchen’s, but definitely better than Aoyama. I really like their chicken korokke, it is really creamy!

    • Definitely! In fact I had lunch with a (somewhat) new friend here. The atmosphere was great – quiet and relaxed. Not sure if it becomes louder at dinner though. Thanks for visiting!

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