Baker’s Market 2011

Baker’s Market is an annual event where you’ll find yummy baked goods from local bakers. Last year it was at Olympic Village and I enjoyed the macarons and chocolates I purchased.

Location: Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre, 7646 Prince Albert Street, (2 blocks east of Fraser St. at East 60th), Vancouver, BC

Time: 11 am – 3 pm.

When I got to Baker’s Market around 2pm, lots of goods were already sold out. So my good advice is to go early or multiple times for the best selection. And remember to bring cash! I only bought macarons because I brought very little cash. :/

These are the vendors I visited and took pictures of. I only tried samples with most vendors so unless something really amazed me with the bite-sized sample (such as the cannelés), I don’t have much comments.

J’adore les Macarons – [Website]




I was lucky enough to get the last sesame and chocolate flavoured macarons from J’adore les Macarons. Left to right: Green tea, Sesame, and Milk Chocolate. I will make separate posts on my thoughts on macarons.

Kawaii Eats – [Website]


I tried samples of each flavour. I noticed that a few flavours were quite chewy. My favourite was the sesame.




These macarons are really cute! They would make a great gift. Some flavours were chewy. I appreciate that Kawaii Eats actually provide samples because she was the only macaron vendor to do so.

French Made Baking – [Website]



I don’t know where the owner went, LOL. The entire booth was empty! I bought 1 pitaschio and 1 chocolate mararon. They also sell canelés and Rochers aux Amandes (dark chocolate coated slivered almonds) that I enjoyed a lot. The sign says they will be opening up a store on Kingsway. I bought 1 chocolate and 1 pitaschio macaron.

Damien’s Belgium Waffles – [Website]



I’ve tried their Belgium Waffles before and I really liked them! You may have seen these waffles in some restaurants like Medina, and according to the owner Medina buys their waffle dough. I prefer buying waffles from Damien’s themselves because it’s much cheaper. I would buy a box and just eat waffles every breakfast! The owner told me that they will soon sell waffles at a bubbletea store in Surrey!  It’s definitely a good news because their Richmond store is too far for me.

Their waffles are made without preservatives or eggs. According to their website, they’re made with real butter, honey and a special sugar from Belgium called “pearl sugar.” Make sure you refridge them if you buy a box and can’t finish them in 5 days.

Cannelle & Honeybun – [Website]



I tried their samples of choux, sablé, cannelés and cookies. I really liked the cannelés, but since they were sold out I’ll have to come back again. Be sure to ask for samples even if you don’t see something on the table, because that’s how I got the canelés samples. The cannelés were crispy on the outside and I really liked the flavours. Definitely try some for yourself.

bah! Baked at Home – [Website]


La Chocolaterie – [Website]


The chocolate he made is really good! It tastes like Melty Kiss Chocolates that you can get at Asian supermarkets and stores.

La Gourmande Confections


Yaletown Brownies Bakery


Seriously Cooking – [Website]


Something Sweet For You – [Website]


TARTS Bakery – [Website]


Cadys Cakes & Bakes


The Pie Hole


Hyggelig – [Website]


City Baked – [Website]



7 thoughts on “Baker’s Market 2011

  1. thanks for visiting us at the Baker’s Market and great job with the posting and photos too. Hope you’ll stop by again for for our Holiday Edition which will have lots of Xmas goodies too on Dec. 3 & 10.

    • Thanks Nance! 🙂 It’s probably one of the biggest bake fairs I’ve been to. There are generous amounts of samples which I definitely enjoyed. Hope you can make it to one of their events before Dec 10.

  2. No offense to anyone at the Baker’s Market, but honestly I feel $2 macarons make for extravagant tastes. They’re the size of an average cookie but full of air. Sort of like an Aero bar but fluffier and it feels like I haven’t eaten anything at all. And often they are a bit too sweet. Too bad $2 seems to be the going rate, so beggars can’t be choosers.

    The chai bacon macaron does sound intriguing, though. Did you try it?

  3. You’re right, macarons are expensive delicacies. One macaron usually sells between $1.75 to $2.25, and the most expensive I’ve bought was in New York, $2.50 for one, (hich has different flavours for top, filling, and bottom.

    The ones at the Baker’s Market were quite small so I didn’t buy too many. It was to support local bakers and to get an idea of how their macarons taste because I don’t get to have fancy desserts very often.

    Thanks for your feedback though! I’m sure many would agree with you. I would love to make macarons myself one day when I feel like it & have the time. I was informed that it costs less than 50 cents per macaron.

    I’m reluctant to desserts with salty flavours (that’s what I imagine) because I avoid bacon if all possible.

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