Thierry Patisserie – Desserts, Vancouver

This is the  first post of the Eat With Jenny 30 Days Challenge! It’s challenging because I am so busy, but I hope I can get used to blogging everyday. I even made a Twitter hashtag #EWJ30DaysChallenge so you can keep track of my progress! 😉

Here is a preview of what’s coming in the 30 Days Challenge:

  • All You Can Eat Afternoon Tea
  • My favourite dessert in Vancouver
  • Dessert Buffet
  • A very popular sandwich shop
  • Funky Japanese food
  • Fine-Dining Deals
  • Chinese feast with King Crab
  • New York Eats
  • More Macarons and other goodies!

Ever Since I heard the pastry chef at CinCin – Thierry Busset – is opening a dessert cafe, I had been wanting to go. It is currently one of the most talked-about dessert cafes in Vancouver. Popular choices include tiramisu, fruit tarts, and of course macarons! Note that the first set of pictures are taken on a day that is different than the day that I actually bought something in the store. I always have to do some site visit/research first.. 😛


Oh look at them Macarons! I wonder what flavour sold out already.

This is the one that got me by surprise. You’ll know why later.

This is the legendary tiramisu that most customers will order on their first visit.

I love cakes! Not so much fruity ones though.

These are the two that we got: Pistachio Chocolate Mousse Cake ($5.75) and Tiramisu ($6.75).

The Pistachio Chocolate Mousse Cake did not have too much pistachio flavour in it, and I wish there were more pistachio chunks at the top. The chocolate mousse was rich but I felt there was something missing to hold the two flavours together. When I eat the top and bottom layer together all I could taste was the rich chocolate mousse. Hearts: 6.7/10

This is the cutest tiramisu that I have seen. The presentation is definitely creative, and adorable. The taste-I felt there was more cream than I would like for a tiramisu. I wished there is more cake layer and liqueur like a regular tiramisu because I like layers of flavours. This one too creamy for me. However, I enjoyed eating it with chocolate, but I wouldn’t order it again when I really wanted tiramisu. Hearts: 6.5/10

Pistachio & Chocolate Macaron and Coconut & Chocolate Macaron. ($1.95 each)
Noticed how everything has chocolate? That’s right! When there is chocolate I just wouldn’t go for anything else.

I liked the Pistachio & Chocolate Macaron more than the coconut & chocolate macaron. The coconut one was really basically an American macaroon and I did not expect the top layer to be so coconut-y. Hearts: Pistachio & Chocolate, 7.5/10, Coconut & Chocolate, 5/10.

Jenny says:

  • Good value because the cake is a little bigger and less expensive than other dessert cafes like Giovane and
  • I will come back to try other desserts. I heard the blackberry Macaron, triple chocolate mousse and Hazelnut Choux are good!
  • If you’re looking to buy a pack of Macarons, Thierry offers good value because their Macarons are big and it’s cheaper than most places
  • Come early for the best selection of desserts.
  • Thierry’s desserts are not overly sweet so I didn’t have to pair them with coffee.

Thierry Patisserie
1059 Alberni Street, Vancouver

-By Jenny Shen, EatWithJenny


6 thoughts on “Thierry Patisserie – Desserts, Vancouver

  1. Nothing higher than 7.5/10? Whoa… And I thought I was hard to please when it came to food! Still, I’ll probably go some time — can’t believe there isn’t at least one stellar item there when they’ve put so much consistent care into presentation. It all looks so beautiful — thank you for the pictures!

    • It’s because of my high expectations and that I was left with limited choices. I hope the other cakes that I plan to get next time will taste better. Presentation is great, no doubt about that.

  2. Hi Jenny, Melissa here from Food Bloggers of Canada. Just popping by to check out your blog and to let you know we’ve got you in our Membership Directory. Welcome aboard! I just tried out Thierry a few weeks ago (I had the macarons – my first time every having them!) and I will absolutely going back to try all the other goodies. Anyway, it’s great to have another Vancouver food blogger join us – I’m sure we’ll be running into each other in person before too long!

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