Shibuya Nuts – Japanese, Vancouver

Shibuya Nuts is at where the Yoshoku-Ya Restaurant used to be, very close to Kintaro Ramen. On the day my companion and I went on an early evening on a rainy day (shows how much dedication we have to redeem this deal try this restaurant). We were surprised to find that we were the only one in the restaurant while we saw a very long line-up at Kintaro.

Actually, I made plans to visit after buying a voucher at WagJag – $10 for $20 worth of food at Shibuya Nuts. Before I buy any restaurant deals, I always check the restaurant menu and its reviews/ratings, even if the deal only costs 1o bucks. The website and menu seem quite nice so I decided to get it.

This restaurant just opened not too long ago and they already have nicely designed menu and website.

Ebi Curry Katsu ($8) was fresh, flavourful and filling! They used the Japanese curry that I liked. It is somewhat sweet, smooth and has fruity accents. The prawn and fried pork chop were fresh and delicious. I can definitely say it’s comparable to Hi Genki although the portion is smaller. Hearts: 8.4/10

Ham-bak Steak ($9) came with rice and salad. The gravy sauce complimented the meatball steak well and it did not disappoint me. The salad could use some more work though but it was good there is a little vegetables in our meal…Hearts: 8.2/10

I originally wanted to get the Dino Egg ($6) which was basically deep-fried ice cream, but after eating the two entrees we were pretty full. But we did not want to waste the 3 dollars included in the value of the voucher so we decided to get something cheap and small, and my companion chose the Mozzarella Takoyaki ($5.5).

I love Takoyaki but I don’t like to eat things with cheese. I felt the cheese was not necessary because I love the crunchy shell of takoyaki, but adding cheese just makes everything too soft and makes the texture bland. Overall I like this dish the least, not only because of the cheese but the takoyaki flavour did not stand out at all. It would have been much better when it’s paired with the regular takoyaki sauce and katsuobushi (shavings of dried bonito). Hearts: 4.9/10

Jenny says:

  • The voucher covered $20 and the whole meal was $10 plus tax and tips. What a steal!
  • I would come back to this restaurant because the price is reasonable
  • Shibuya Nuts offer a good variety of izakaya items like skewers, rolls, hot pot and bowls.

Shibuya Nuts

Shibuya Nuts
774 Denman Street, Vancouver

-by Jenny Shen, Eat With Jenny


5 thoughts on “Shibuya Nuts – Japanese, Vancouver

  1. I must admit I laughed when I saw ASI B STRO. it’s little details in life like that that make me laugh. It seems like you enjoyed the food overall, what kind of fruit accents were there, was it citrus and tangy flavours that came through?

  2. My friend gave me a deal for Shibuya Nuts, and I think she has extras. Good to hear that it’s pretty good. I’m hardly out in that area of downtown, so I guess it’s worth the trek.

    I’m looking at the menu now and there’s a couple funky rolls that I want to try just to be different hehe..

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