Anton’s Pasta Bar – Italian, Burnaby

Anton’s Pasta Bar on Hastings is one of the restaurants that you will see long line-ups of waiting customers at peak times. It is popular because of the big portions and the affordable price. Typically I avoid restaurants with line-ups, not because I don’t want to wait, but because I am not a big fan of hype at all. There are many places which people talk about too much, and I have seen the line-ups and waited in line, only to experience something mediocre and left disappointed. (More posts on these coming later) However, Anton’s is actually a restaurant that I visited multiple times and liked.

I did not take photos of the storefront or inside but I will make up for that with photos from both visits! The next time I visit Anton’s I shall update the blog post and show you how long the line-up can be…

Gnocchi Con Pesto Pomodori ($12.50) – potato dumplings in a pesto tomato sauce
I wanted to get gnocchi and I ended up choosing this sauce over the creamy tomato meat sauce because I wanted a lighter flavour. I liked the texture of the gnocchi. It was not overcooked but it’s a little softer than the al dente level I like – on the chewy side, same with pasta and risotto. I knew the sauce was pesto tomato but I couldn’t help but find this dish a bit too oily. The pesto and tomato flavours are definitely there and although I liked the dish, it’s not likely that I will order this again. Hearts: 7.3/10

Fettuccine Creola ($12.50) – italian sausage, chicken & shrimp in a spicy tomato sauce
This was my companion’s dish. I only sampled a little because it was in a spicy tomato sauce. There was a generous amount of meat and seafood, which makes the dish a better “value choice”. If the sauce wasn’t spicy I would have considered ordering it. Hearts: 7.1/10

Linguine Pescatore ($12.50) – mixed seafood & mushrooms in a tangy tomato sauce
The second time I went there, I chose a lighter sauce for the pasta because of the last experience with pesto tomato sauce. Mixed seafood comes with octopus, mussells, calamari, and shrimp. Since I don’t eat mussels I simply asked to substitute those with more of the other kinds of seafood. I enjoyed this dish more than the previous two I’ve tried because the seafood was abundant, tasted fresh, and the sauce was light. If the sauce was heavy/creamy, it would probably make me sick because the portion was quite big. The pasta was al dente but still softer than I would like – Perhaps I’ll try to ask for harder texture next time. I enjoyed this dish but since there are so many combinations/flavours of pasta at Anton’s, I will probably order a different item the next time I visit. Hearts: 8.0/10

Tiramisu ($7.25)
Tiramisu is one of my favourite desserts! The description on the website – ‘Anton’s house specialty’ – made me interested to get one because I wanted to know if Anton’s, which is famous for their large-portioned pasta, has good tiramisu with good quality and quantity. I was delighted to find that Anton’s desserts were also massive! It was a big tiramisu brick that’s about double the size of a regular slice of cheesecake. Actually I did not expect too high when I ordered the tiramisu because I didn’t think Anton’s dessert can be compared to one from a dessert cafe from Thierry or the like, but Anton’s tiramisu exceeded beyond my expectations. Sweetness – just right, the ladyfingers layer with coffee and liquor – it’s more on the wet side just as I liked it, mascarpone cream – sweetness and smooth/creamy texture were meeting my expectations. I also liked that they paid attention to presentation with the chocolate sauce decorations.

This is what happens when Jenny gets a tiramisu cake that she really loved – she devoured it all, by herself! I can confidently say that Anton’s tiramisu is one of my favourite desserts in Vancouver, and I liked it even more than Cincin’s and Thierry’s tiramisu, with the price factor in the consideration/comparison of course. I don’t know where else to get excellent tiramisu for the same price and receive double the portion! Hearts: 9.6/10



Jenny Says:

  • I can come back just for the tiramisu…best on the continent? Maybe, but definitely one of the best in Vancouver
  • Anton’s is known for generous portions and affordable prices, not fine-dining type of Italian cuisine
  • Avoid peak hours to avoid the line-ups. I go around 11-11:30AM on weekdays, and both times I did not have to line up at all
  • I did not eat the complimentary bread because it was dry and cold
  • ambiance:  family-friendly / neighborhood restaurant
  • it’s likely that you won’t finish your pasta so be prepared to take left-overs to go
  • If you do finish your pasta by yourself, Anton’s will give you a free pen (I think it used to be a free meal)

Anton’s Pasta Bar
4260 Hastings St, Burnaby

-by Jenny Shen, Eat With Jenny


4 thoughts on “Anton’s Pasta Bar – Italian, Burnaby

  1. For the free pen I believe it has to be dinner sized portion. If you go at lunch time and want the pen you have to specifically mention that you want the dinner size. And no to above that it does not have time limit.

  2. As far as I know, it’s only been free pens.
    @Simon, there’s no time limit. As long as you finish, you get a pen!

    It’s definitely not fine dining, but it’s still delicious food for a great price. It’s not uncommon to see people bringing their own takeaway containers planning to only eat half their portions. =D

  3. Hi Jenny,
    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading this particular post. It had a little bit of humour, introduced the pastas in an entertaining and informative manner. I’ve never actually been to Anton’s before though it’s legendary among some of my guy friends because of the portion.

    Your posts are getting better and better each time I read them. Keep up the fantastic work.

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