Griffins Dessert Buffet [VFBM] – Buffet/Pacific Northwest, Vancouver

Today is day 8 of #EWJ30DaysChallenge. The project has been great so far – supporters, readers, comments. I have to say I really appreciated the support (to whoever’s reading this now) and without that I think I might have given up or get lazy on the posts. But today I have to be lazy and do a photo-rich blog post (I’ll add more details later on) because I am actually feeling quite sick. It is probably because I have been sleeping at 4-5am for several days in a row now. :/



Griffins is the restaurant inside the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. In November, I have been to this restaurant twice for their Anniversary special.

  • $18.88 Lunch feature available in 900 West Lounge from 11:30 – 2:00pm – Menu changes daily
  • Griffins $23 Three Course Dinner Menu, based on seasonally available ingredients
  • 50% off food in Griffins – Sunday through Wednesday 4:30 – 6:00pm

I organized an event for the FoodBloggers Meetup Group and tried this place with 9 other foodies. The 50% off special includes everything on the regular menu, except the three course menu, and all entrees include the dessert buffet.

This is the appetizer buffet that you can add for $8 (?) with the 50% off discount.




The appetizer buffet looks good and it was great according to the meetup members who had it.

While some people in the group were having the appetizers, those who did not started having the desserts because I told the group that the best desserts, if there is any, would be gone early in the evening. Last time I had the only panna cotta in the buffet and the kitchen didn’t make anymore afterwards. It was really good…

Maybe I should feel a little guilty about influencing people to eat desserts before their meals…



The first batch of desserts

1-milk and chocolate creme. It tasted like chocolate pudding except it was sweeter and a little cremier. I didn’t like creme types of desserts too much so I only sampled a scoop

2-creme caramel. I really like this dessert and I get this every time! The texture was perfect. It was not too soft and it was pretty smooth. However it is a little too sweet even for a sweet tooth like me.

3-creme puff. The filling was more like a heavy whipped creme instead of custard. This was not too sweet but one for me was enough

4-rum baba. This was my favourite dessert of the night! It was soaked in syrup but it was delicious. It was sweet but I ate 3, although I didn’t like the whipped cream.

Because I wanted to save my appetite for the dessert buffet, I ordered a Grilled Tiger Prawn Salad ($24) and I even made it half-sized ($14).


Grilled Tiger Prawn Salad – baby leaf spinach, avocado, grapefruit & orange slices, strawberries, citrus dressing

I definitely expected more from a salad that comes from Griffins. The quality of the salad was as if I went to a buffet and put the ingredients together myself. The prawns did not have much taste, let along the “grilled” part. The dressing was a citrus one that did not go with the prawns. Prawn and fruits just don’t taste good together…what was I thinking? Although the dish came to $7 after the 50% discount, I can compare this to a McDonald’s salad ($6.79) and say that I like McDonald’s salad much better. Hearts: 4.0/10

Prime Rib Burger ($21)

Slow Roasted Alberta Prime Rib ($38)

And then I had more desserts; most of the desserts I shared with other meetup members.




The rum baba and hazelnut cake were my favourites.

So I ate more.

DESSERT OVERLOAD! We were so full after the buffet…

All the prices are before the discount. The deal is already over, so sorry if you wanted to take advantage of the special, they will probably have it again next year.

900 W Georgia St, Vancouver

-by Jenny Shen (Cake Monster), Eat With Jenny


2 thoughts on “Griffins Dessert Buffet [VFBM] – Buffet/Pacific Northwest, Vancouver

  1. Great photos shots of all the food selection. It’s unfortunate that these days I’m busy, I really want to join you guys at the food bloggers meetup more often.

    Their chalkboard is absolutely clean, neat and extremely presentable, I think it’s the type of photo I’m going to show clients when I tell them that their chalkboard should like like that.

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