Leonidas – Chocolate Boutique, Vancouver

Leonidas is a small chocolate boutique located next to Subway at Vancouver Convention Centre. You can find Belgian chocolates, ice cream, cakes, waffles and other seasonal baked goods in the shop.





On Nov 1 – 3, Leonidas had a grand opening special Dollar Days where you can get ice cream, latte/cappuccino, waffles and chocolates for only $1 each! I happened to make it to the last hour of the event and got some waffles for myself. The waffles include one type of topping or sauce. Any additional topping, sauce, or ice cream is a dollar extra.

This is my order – Belgium waffle with hazelnuts and chocolate sauce. The waffles were made fresh so I enjoyed the waffles. Even without the dollar day promotion, it was an excellent deal to have waffles that come with nuts and rich toppings. I have not been to another waffle cafe where they serve whole nuts. Note: I asked the super friendly staff for whole nuts instead of chopped nuts, which Leonidas usually serve.

It was great to eat waffles at a chocolate boutique because too many cafes serve waffles with strawberry sauce or vanilla ice cream. At Leonidas you can choose any flavour you like.

I only wished that the sauce can be less thick because it almost felt like I was eating nutella with the waffles. I love chocolate but when I eat waffles I prefer the sauce to be less thick (but not watery) so the sauce can mix with the waffles more. Because of Leonidas’ convenient location, quality and value, I am very likely to return to Leonidas when I’m craving for some ice cream or waffles. Hearts: 8.6/10

Check out Photos of Leonidas 2nd Grand Opening event from FoodBlogger Meetup

#29 – 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver

-By Jenny Shen, Eat With Jenny


One thought on “Leonidas – Chocolate Boutique, Vancouver

  1. Hey Jenny, I’m just a little behind on all the commenting. But I went on the first day of the Leonidas opening and I wanted to try the waffles so bad but my stomach was a little upset.
    But the sauce was so thick, I looked around and was so surprised how gooey it was.

    Keep up the good work!

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