Osa Tako Hero [VFBM] – Japanese/Takoyaki, Vancouver

Thanks to Twitter, I found out about Osa Tako Hero, the takoyaki food cart which opened earlier this year. Besides Osa Tako Hero, there were many food carts that I wanted to try. I organized a meetup with the Food Bloggers Meetup Group (aka Food Club) so other people who were interested in trying different food carts could join me.

Foodies at this Food Cart Crawl: Maxwell, Jeffrey, and Edwin.





Osa Tako Hero’s menu is presented in a creative way. The menu came with graphics and descriptions of the ordering instructions “Creating Osa Takoman” in a RPG style. I thought it was a really cute way to make the menu, which showcased the creative Japanese design/style. Even the website is made in a Japanese style!

Essentially, you choose the number of octopus balls (5, 7, or 10), then the sauce (regular takoyaki or spicy), and finally the topping (cheese, curry, seaweed, bonito flakes, and maple syrup). Then you would get seaweed powder, takoyaki sauce and mayo added on top of the octopus balls.


We opted for all 5 flavours plus spicy sauce on the side, the best way to try every flavour. I tried the maple syrup, bonito flakes and curry flavours.

The average price of takoyakis is about $5 for 6 takoyaki balls at night markets and izakayas. Osa Tako Hero, which gives you 10 octopus balls for $5.99, is the best choice to get the most bang out of you buck!

After trying Osa Tako Hero’s takoyakis, this place became my favourite takoyaki place in Vancouver.

I like the variety of flavours, generous amount of toppings and sauce, the price, and most importantly there were about 3 pieces of octopus in each octopus ball! It is really rare because takoyakis from night markets and izakayas, usually have just one piece of octopus in each takoyaki.

Though one thing will make these takoyakis even better – freshness. These takoyaki balls were pre-made and re-heated to reduce the waiting time at the food cart, which is reasonable. I personally love fresh takoyakis because of the crispy shells. So, the next time I visit, I would request fresh takoyaki even if I have to wait longer.

My favourite flavours were the maple syrup and the bonito flakes (the common way takoyakis are done). The curry spice did not go too well with the takoyaki, so it did not appeal to me. If it was curry sauce it would have been more interesting.


(In picture): Jeffrey, Maxwell and I at the first stop of our Food Cart Crawl meetup. (Edwin took the photo so he wasn’t in the picture.)

Stay tuned for more food cart adventures! If you would like to join Food Cart Crawl Part 2 – Join the Meetup!

Osa Tako Hero on Urbanspoon

Osa Tako Hero
700 W Pender St, Vancouver

Osa Tako Hero is located south side of 800 West Pender St. It is outside the Starbucks/Tim Hortons entrance of Pacific Centre.

-by Jenny Shen, Eat With Jenny


One thought on “Osa Tako Hero [VFBM] – Japanese/Takoyaki, Vancouver

  1. That’s too bad that they don’t make them fresh. I think it makes a difference in the same way that pastry that comes out fresh from the oven. Too bad you guys went on a Friday, I would have loved to check it out with you guys.

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