Fresh Local Wild [VFBM] – Food Cart/Seafood, Vancouver


Fresh Local Wild was the second stop of the Food Cart Crawl, organized by the Food Bloggers Meetup. This is a food cart that offers local sustainable fresh food, such as Albacore Tuna Melt Sandwich, Chicken Fried Oyster Sandwich, Fish and Chips, sashimi, fries and poutine. Compared to other food carts, Fresh Local Wild’s menu items are priced higher because of their focus and concept.


Chicken Fried Oyster ‘Po-Boy’ ($10) – Sawmill Bay jumbos, trailer made tartar, sesame seed bun

Foodies MaxwellJeffrey, and Edwin and I shared a chicken oyster sandwich and fries. Although I do not eat oysters, I was fine with the decision because the others really wanted to try the oyster sandwich. The fries need to be ordered separately as they do not come with the sandwich.

The sandwich was a lot smaller than what I expected. For the price of $10, I thought it would be at least the size of a Tim Hortons sandwich. I took a very tiny bite into ¼ piece of the sandwich, but I could not handle the oyster taste. It was like fear factor because I was never fond of oysters! 😐

Fear factor -Jenny chomping an oyster sandwich

I know several restaurants have oyster happy hours which let you get $1.25~1.5o a shuck. So I thought this sandwich was really pricey given its size.

However, I tried the fries ($3) and they were really good! They were fresh, crispy and tasty even without ketchup or seasoning. I personally prefer crispy, thin fries with skin as opposed to soft, thick, and skinless fries. I would say Fresh Local Wild’s fries are comparable to Costco’s fries. Note that the staff at Local Fresh Wild was nice to us and gave us extra fries. Normally you would get the burger and fries in the big container altogether, so you don’t get as much fries as shown above.

The foodies who tried the sandwich said that the sandwich was alright. I personally would not spend $13 for a combo of a sandwich and fries, when there are many restaurants and food carts in downtown.

Stay tuned for the final stop at the Food Cart Crawl #1, brought to you by Food Bloggers Meetup!

Fresh Local Wild (Food Cart) on Urbanspoon

Fresh Local Wild (Food Cart)
Burrard St & W Hastings St

-by Jenny Shen, Eat With Jenny


2 thoughts on “Fresh Local Wild [VFBM] – Food Cart/Seafood, Vancouver

  1. I definitely agree with you on the fries. Thin and crispy are the way to go. I especially like burger king and costco (sometimes hit or miss) fries, they’re nice and crisp. Like I was telling you the other day, I don’t like oysters cooked either. They remind me of brains or something! But, they are absolutely delicious raw, have you tried them freshly shucked?

  2. $13 ??? That’s pretty expensive for a place that doesn’t have to pay rent. But if you want a good burger, you should definitely try Save On Meats. I had one with @Tesstattles and it was sooo good. I definitely would say it’s one of the better ones in down. They’ll be on TV on Dec 26. Dives, diners and Drive Ins ( I think that’ what the tv show is called.)

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