Japadog [VFBM] – Food Cart/Hot Dog, Vancouver


Japadog – The famous Japanese hot dog that started the food cart revolution in Vancouver. The foodies from the Food Bloggers Meetup decided to make this the 3rd stop during our Food Cart Crawl.

I have heard about Japadog, and passed by the cart many times, but I have never tried one. I admit, I am not a big fan of hot dogs and I refused to give in to the hype, until this day.



We visited the store on Robson, which opened in 2010. Visiting a “food cart store” made it much easier to share street food during the Food Cart Crawl in this cold weather.


Menu on the outside


Menu inside the store




We got a combo to share. In this combo there are:

  • an Okonomi Japadog – Kurobuta sausage topped with bonito flakes
  • butter & shoyru fries – butter and soy sauce flavoured fries. It is $2.39 by itself
  • a can of soft drink

The combo costed $9.14 before tax.  Of course I had to order something sweet beside the combo, so we also ordered a Kurogoma Age Ice – sesame ice cream on fried buns ($2.99).


We all ate the ice cream sandwich before it started melting. The bun tasted like Chinese fried bun, which is essentially the same thing. The ice cream was less sweet than I anticipated. I think adding condensed milk drizzles would make it look and taste more appealing, at least for someone who has a big sweet tooth like me.


I have heard of shaker fries in McDonald’s in Asia, but I have never tried them. These were surprisingly good! These fries tasted a little salty and cheesy, and they were fresh. For $2.39 I would pick Japadog’s shaker fries over any fast food’s fries.


Like any other hot dog stand, you can add as much condiments as you’d like.


After I tried 1/4 of the japadog, my impression was – Japadog was really just a dressed-up hot dog. The Kurobuta sausage tasted almost identical to a Taiwanese sausage. It was good to finally try one, only to know that I was right with my prediction.

  • butter & shoyru fries
  • sesame ice age
  • having street food in a store

  • hot dogs 😐
  • the price of everything altogether ($13.59 for all the food shown above)
  • Japadog tasted like the one I made at home

I have made Japadogs at home before (See Picture), so I certainly have a higher expectation when I pay for something that is easy to make at home. The Okonomi japadog did not impressing me much. Perhaps other innovative flavours like seafood japadogs at the Waterfront will be better? I am actually looking forward to trying those at the next Food Cart Crawl with Food Bloggers.

For folks that like hot dogs and want something different at lunch time in Downtown, this could be one of your options. Just be aware that a lunch combo costs about $10 after tax, which is almost at the same price as many lunch specials in Downtown. Japadog is definitely not my cup of tea, because my idea of street food = cheap food. The Taiwanese “small sausage in large sausage” is more like my type of food. I hope you enjoyed my honest review of the famous Japadog!

Japadog (Robson Store) on Urbanspoon

530 Robson St

-by Jenny Shen, Eat With Jenny


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