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On the quest to find the best yule log in Vancouver, a few food bloggers and I gathered at Ganache for the Bûche de Noël Party at Ganache Patisserie. I was join by Caroline (Food Persuasion), Vicki (Foodie On the 49th), Meana (Kitchen Improv), Chris (COOQ), Rachel (Posh Pudding) and other foodies from the Food Bloggers Meetup Group.


Ganache's cake display

Some day I will try all the cakes.









The group had a little hard time choosing which yule log to get because the yule logs all looked delicious. In the end we picked the Chocolat Amande Croquant, because the ingredients sounded most interesting.


Chocolat Amande Croquant ($29.95)  – dark chocolate amaretto mouse, griottine cherry gelee, milk chocolate macadamian nut cremeux, caramel crunch, and chocolate financiers sponge.


Of course, we food bloggers and foodies have to get the perfect snapshots of food at every meetup! 😉


The cake was cut nicely and evenly. It is a skill mastered only by bakery staffs.

I liked the griottine cherry gelee layer a lot because it had of its texture. It was a little solid at first but it melted in the mouth quickly. This added a little surprise and flavour contrast in the cake. I like mousse with nuts but I don’t think macadamia nuts were the best choice. Even though I liked the outer ganache, the overall taste of the yule log was only okay.

A few foodies and I agree that the one at Giovane tasted better. The cookie and chocolate piece of the Chocolat Amande Croquant were pretty ordinary, although the name sounded fancy. It could be that the Giovane one has more decorations, and that it was richer and sweeter than Ganache’s cake. Because of Ganache’s reputation and others’ recommendations, I expected more from Ganache’s desserts.


Concorde Praliné (Marie’s)


Café au lait (Vicki’s)

This $29.95 yule log, split between 8 people, only costs $3.75 per person. That is a pretty good deal considering individual cakes are about $6 per piece at Ganache.

We had a good time chatting about food, and learning about COOQ from Chris. As long as we had a great time, I could call this meetup a success!

  • great selection of cakes
  • a yule log is inexpensive if you split it between many people

  • it’s a small store so it’s sort of difficult for large groups to share a cake in the store
  • the cake looks/sounds better than it tastes
  • too much French vocabulary that I don’t understand & cannot pronounce

Interesting read: Caroline’s review of Ganache yule log

Ganache Patisserie on Urbanspoon

Ganache Patisserie

1262 Homer St, Vancouver

-by Jenny Shen, Eat With Jenny


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