Bel Cafe – Desserts/Cafe, Vancouver


Bel Cafe is opened by David Hawksworth of Hawksworth Restaurant. It is located in the Rosewood Hotel Georgia,  just next door of Hawksworth. After reading Sean’s review of Bel Cafe and dropping by the cafe to look at the desserts in person, I was really excited to try it. Besides, I get to try out my new camera Nikon D3000!


I really like Bel Cafe’s contemporary and elegant interior & graphic designs.


Bel Cafe's croissants


Bel Cafe's soups and sandwiches


Bel Cafe's cakes on the display


Bel Cafe serves sandwiches, soup, croissants, salad, shortbread, cakes, lemon tarts, pound cakes, and macarons.


Bel Cafe's individual cakes on the display


Bel Cafe's macarons


Bel Cafe's macarons - $2 each


My companion's latte


Dark Chocolate, Raspberry and Vanilla cake & Lemon Tart

I ordered the Dark Chocolate, Raspberry and Vanilla cake ($6.20), while my companion ordered the Lemon Tart  ($6.20). I tried a bite of the lemon tart, but I cannot comment (except it was lemony) because I am not into lemon or any kind of sour desserts at all!

I really liked this cake because the chocolate mousse and ganache were rich and smooth. Rather than making the cake too sour, the yellow-ish cream which had some hints of raspberry and vanilla complemented the chocolate well. My favourite part was the wafer at the bottom because it added more layers to the cake’s texture. The composition of the cake was quite similar to the yule log I had at Giovane’s. The yule log and this cake both have chocolate ganache, two different layers of cream, and a wafer bottom, except the one from Bel Cafe did not have hazelnuts. If I have to choose between the two, I will choose Bel Cafe’s cake because I can’t just purchase one slice of the yule log.


Bel Cafe's macaron menu

I had to try Bel Cafe’s macarons because I saw my favourite flavours – black sesame and pistachio. I am saving the chocolate flavour (my ultimate favourite) for a later trip. Stay tuned 😉

The pistachio macaron had a cream filling with pieces of pistachios. The pistachio macarons I have tried at other places never had nuts in the filling, so to me it was a pleasant surprise! This is definitely the best pistachio macaron I have tried so far.


The black sesame had a yuzu buttercream filling, which actually tasted more like lemon or passion fruit. The taste was too sour for me and I find it odd because yuzu is normally not sour. I didn’t like the combination of black sesame and yuzu since I couldn’t taste the black sesame at all. Although the flavour sounds fancy, it did not meet my expectations.


Bel Cafe has become one of my favourite dessert places after this visit. Although the portion of desserts is quite small, the quality is definitely there.

The prices of the desserts are very reasonable considering Bel Cafe is opened by a famous chef and located inside a hotel.  Note that $6.20 per dessert is actually the price after tax (it is $5.54 before tax). Any frugal foodie will appreciate this info!

  • Favourites: Chocolate cake and pistachio macaron
  • convenient location – close by Pacific Centre
  • clean, modern, and elegant space
  • quality desserts while being budget-friendly
  • great service

  • sesame & yuzu macaron was sour
  • less variety than other dessert cafes (e.g. Thomas Haas or Ganache)

Bel Cafe on Urbanspoon

Bel Cafe
801 West Georgia Street, Vancouver

-by Jenny Shen, Eat With Jenny


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