Hakkasan 客家人 – Chinese, Richmond

Hakkasan is a contemporary Chinese restaurant in Richmond that serves Chinese cuisine with a modern twist. I am reserved about food that comes with twists or fusion flavours. What it means to me is changed flavours of authentic cuisine that ends up tasting mediocre due to lost focused flavours.

I first heard about Hakkasan from a colleague that dines out quite often. I decided to purchase a deal from IndulgeLiving so I can try the restaurant without spending too much. The deal I got was $29 for an exclusive 5-Course Tasting Menu at Hakkasan Contemporary Chinese Cuisine (Reg $65/pp).


First course: Plum Glazed Duck Breast, Organic Salad

The salad showed the concept of this restaurant with its combination of Chinese-style duck breast with organic salad. Because I don’t like cold meat too much, I thought the salad only tasted okay. The sauce complemented the meat well and I really enjoyed the fig, but I’ve tasted better salads elsewhere.


First course (my companion’s choice) Butter Garlic Escargots in Puff Pastry

I sampled a small piece of the escargots and it tasted like Chinese mushrooms. The puff pastry was hard and dry so I didn’t like this dish.


Second course: Creamy Organic Seafood Chowder

This chowder had a weird jelly-like texture and it tasted similar to sweet corn soup. Although there were bits of seafood meat in the chowder, I didn’t like it overall.


Third course: Steamed ½ Lobster, Specialty Garlic

I was informed that their minced garlic was processed in a special way that it will not give you any “garlic breath.” Certainly, I did not taste any garlic in the lobster dish, however, to me it also didn’t have too much taste. I almost never eat lobster and other shelled seafood because I hate the hassle of de-shelling the seafood. Therefore you can imagine how hard I had to fight with the lobster to eat it.


Fourth course: Hakka Pork Patty, Mini Pot Rice

This was probably the better tasting dish out of everything in the set menu. The pork was pretty tender and the vegetable of choice (zha cai) was not too salty. I prefer chewy/harder rice but this dish was pretty tasty to me.


Fifth Course: House Dessert (Lemon Square)

A tiny lemon square (about half of the size of a business card) was served for dessert.  I don’t like lemon desserts so I only tasted a small bite and gave it to my companion. It tasted like an ordinary lemon bar. A unique Chinese dessert like rice balls or buns would have made a better impression.


I didn’t like Hakkasan because the food was okay at best. Aside from the salad, the cuisine at Hakkasan is more defined (being Western or Chinese) than Chinese cuisine with a twist. The dessert, lobster, and chowder were Western while the only Chinese dish was the rice (the item that I actually liked).

Sometimes food of a set menu you get from a deal can be disappointing. It seems Hakkasan offers many types of set menus on a regular basis, so I am not sure whether it is because of the deal or the usual set menu is like this too. The names of the dishes sound pretty fancy, but when I tasted the food, it did not amaze me.

Since the portion of each dish was small, I was not full after the 5 courses. The lemon square was the smallest dessert I have ever gotten at a restaurant.  Had I not gotten the set menu with $29 (regular price is $65), I would be upset, although I think $29 is more like a regular price and $65 is just way too unreasonable.

  • Hakka Pork Patty, Mini Pot Rice

  • the deal itself didn’t provide much value
  • food was okay at best
  • not much “twists” in the food
  • small portions especially dessert

Hakkasan Contemporary Chinese Cuisine 客家人 on Urbanspoon

Hakkasan Contemporary Chinese Cuisine 客家人
110-2188 #5 Rd, Richmond

-by Jenny Shen, Eat With Jenny


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