La’ Aus Confectionery


I’m lucky to have a sweet tooth, because I was invited by Alex from Ragin Ronin Productions to try some samples from La’ Aus Confectionery. This is his vlog episode – All Yu Can Eat #18 – Sampling La’Aus Confectionery.

La’ Aus Confectionery was founded by Laura and Austin after having much success and popularity with their handmade sweets. Everything is individually handmade and packaged, giving the products an authentic and home-made feel.

The name La’ Aus comes from the first few letters of the owner’s names – Laura and Austin. La’ Aus in French is pronounced ‘La-Oh.’ It sounds like what you would say in ‘La’ Aus mon dieu (Oh My God!)’


Smoked toffee: According to Laura and Austin, Smoked Toffee is the hardest to make and the most famous and best-selling item.

Sometimes I would eat Crunchie if I get a variety pack of candies, but other than that I don’t eat toffee. When I tried this Smoked Toffee, I thought ‘ohh so this is what toffee tastes like…’ It tasted much like the sponge toffee inside Crunchie, except that it’s a piece of crunchy toffee.

When I tried to take the toffee pieces from the box, I find it pretty sticky. I personally don’t like to eat things that get my fingers messy. (You probably think that I’m a princess, haha). Not only that, the toffee sticks to the bottom of the box. Although the boxes look really nice, I’m not sure if you will be able to eat this in the summer. Because the toffee pieces were stuck together, Alex had to eat 3 at a time (which was pretty amusing to watch).

Having said that, it was an interesting to try toffee by itself for the first time. I liked that it’s not overly sweet because of the hint of smokiness.


Snow Delight: This chocolate bar was packed with cashews, cranberries and smoked toffee. I like eating the smoked toffee with the chocolate more than eating toffee by itself.

It’s just my personal preference – cashews, cranberries and smoked toffee are not my favourite things in a chocolate bar. The flavours I love: hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds and cookies & creme. However, I enjoyed the snow delight. It was unique that the toffee in the chocolate bar made the chocolate bar extra crunchy.


I am someone who likes variety (and really likes chocolate), so I would love to see more varieties of the Snow Delight, such as milk/dark chocolate or with different kinds of nuts & fruits. I personally would be more into those flavours than the ones I tried this time.

La’ Aus Confectionery only takes pre-orders at the moment. Laura and Austin are currently in the process of getting La’ Aus into local bakery markets and communities. Meanwhile, you can make an order through Twitter. Don’t forget to mention that you saw my blog post if you want to give it a try 😉

  • good presentation overall
  • packaging of Smoked Toffee is unique
  • lots of ingredients in the chocolate bar

  • packaging of Smoked Toffee is not practical
  • hard to separate the toffee pieces

-by Jenny Shen, Eat With Jenny


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