Pearl Drops Teahouse

My goodness. It’s been so long that I almost forgot how to write a blog post. :p Here is a treat that I had lately at Pearl Drops Teahouse. It’s one of the popular bubble tea houses in Burnaby. They specialize in fun, yummy drinks, snacks and desserts…which are totally my type of things. 🙂

When the owner David asked me to come in to try their Honey Toast, I happily agreed because I love honey toasts! It’s a deluxe dessert, originated from Japan, made with a cut-out toast body, and sweet toppings like ice cream, fruits, chocolate, cheesecake and etc. I have tried this dessert in a couple of cafes in Vancouver, such as What8ver (the first cafe to bring it in in Vancouver), Flo Tea Room, and Young Channel. Dazzling Cafe in Taiwan is one of my must-visits because they serve 10+ flavours of honey toasts!

This is the Honey Toast at Pearl Drops Tea House! I was surprised that it looks identical as the promotional banner on their Facebook. Often what you get at the restaurant is not the same as what it looked like on their advertisements. :p

I liked that this honey toast is filled with various kinds of toppings – especially the cheesecake, pocky, and wafers. My favourite part was the custard layer that tasted like the fillings of custard buns.

I would have liked it better if it was something else other than fruits, the standard toppings, but that seems to be popular so no other shops offer other kinds of flavours. I suggested to David to bake the toast box itself because it would be crispy and easier to cut if it was baked. Although this dessert is at a higher price compared to other places ($9.99 compared to $6.99 or $7.99), overall I like it and would recommend this dessert. Pearl Drops Tea House offers promotions quite often, so if you use a deal, and share this deluxe honey toast with your friends, it would be worth it.

P.S. Share this dessert with at least 3 people because it is quite filling!

  • deluxe toppings compared to other shops
  • there is wi-fi!
  • tons of deals at this place

  • the toast box is a bit hard to cut

Pearl Drops Teahouse
422 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, BC

-by Jenny Shen, Eat With Jenny


3 thoughts on “Pearl Drops Teahouse

  1. I had the toast box about two weeks ago with a few friends. Overall it was good and interesting. But for me I probably wouldn’t order it again because it was just a little too messy to eat.

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