SuperBonchaz VANEATS dining package review

tl;dr: SuperBonchaz package is a good deal, now scroll down to see photos. ūüėÄ

Since I’ve always loved dining deals, I was very excited to review this SuperBonchaz¬†dining package, courtesy of

I’ve blogged about VANEATS packages before, but here is a refresher. With a fixed price, you get an exclusive menu to order from. Sort of like Dine Out Vancouver, but the prices are friendlier and the passes are valid for a limited time and often sell out quickly.

The SuperBonchaz package is only $6.50 and it includes one item from each category:

(A) Bonchaz: Original, Banana Walnut, or Matcha Coconut Green Tea
(B) Sandwich: Avocado & Brie, The Vegan, or Beef Bulgogi
(C) Soup of the Day (vegan option available)

I got the chocolate Bonchaz although it was not specified in the package.¬†I’ve tried all Bonchaz flavours before and I liked the chocolate the best. I asked the staff to heat up the bun because it tastes a lot better when it’s fresh/hot. When the cafe (any cafe) is not busy, perhaps heating up pastries should be a default (or at least the asking) because I would really appreciate that.

Beef Bulgogi sandwich: although this is “Korean-inspired”, it tasted more like a combination of beef sukiyaki¬†and beef stew. I personally find the hoagie bread too soft (tasted almost like hot dog buns), and would have preferred toasted whole wheat buns. Overall it was okay.

Corn chowder with spicy sausage. That was the other choice besides the vegan soup. I don’t like spicy foods but I actually liked the soup. The soup was flavourful, not too spicy and it was not thick like regular chowder.

You can find more photos on and their Facebook album.

P.S. I brought my DSLR to take photos for this review, but realized at the restaurant that the camera ran out of battery… #fail Jenny …-_-

Bonchaz Bakery Café
189 E Broadway, Vancouver

-by Jenny Shen, Eat With Jenny


Meat & Bread ‚Äď Sandwiches, Vancouver


I would be surprised if you have not heard about or tried Meat & Bread in Vancouver, the hyped-up sandwich shop which stayed #1 on Urbanspoon’s Talk of the Town list since a long time ago.

Because I don’t get how sandwiches or hot dogs can be out of this world, I dislike most hyped-up restaurants. More often than not, I think these hyped-up places are meant to attract tourists and generate¬†curiosity and traffic, instead of offering real good food like less known places that only locals know about. I was even more determined not to go¬†especially after I heard from ex-coworkers that their sandwiches were not worth the hype.

I was very reluctant to try Meat & Bread until my classmate suggested to try it out before a final exam one day. So I agreed, only because I can blog about how I was right about the hype. (So arrogant confident of my own opinions huh?)


Meat & Bread serves sandwiches, soup, salad, drinks and ice cream sandwiches. I think $8 is really expensive for a sandwich without any sides.


You eat at a communal table, like eating in a school cafeteria.


Porchetta (fatty, boneless Italian pork roast) sandwiches in the making


Porchetta sandwiches with mustard ($8)


For $8, There wasn’t a lot of meat in my sandwich. Actually, I think I was given less meat than my companion. I didn’t know what Porchetta was and I chose it because it was the most popular. I regretted the decision because I hate eating animal fat (bacon, pork belly and etc). Also, I was having a hard time eating the sandwich because the meat kept falling out of the sandwich.¬†My experience wasn’t very good since¬†I really dislike getting my hands messy.¬†I would have wrapped the sandwich if they didn’t put the slab of mustard.

I didn’t like the mustard and salsa verde sauce because they tasted weird and the salsa was a bit sour. The only noticeable flavour of the sandwich was from the meat and fat, rather than from the sauce. I liked the piece of skin in the sandwich which added extra crunch. Although it was essentially fat, it didn’t taste that greasy compared to the fat from the porchetta.

Although I did not like the porchetta sandwich at all, I liked the crispy ciabatta bun. I wish other sandwiches shops can offer that as well.


I tasted a sip of my companion’s curiosity cola. It was not carbonated like regular cola so¬†it tasted like cola that sat overnight.


The disadvantage of eating at a ‘specialized shop’ is the limited options. It’s really difficult to find something I can eat (and like) at Meat & Bread¬†because I don’t like porchetta, I don’t eat hot chicken wings because of its spiciness, and I would not spend $8 for a meatball sandwich. I know they had lamb neck option before, but I wouldn’t want to come back again.

The verdict: Meat & Bread is not catered to someone picky like me, but I have lots of friends that love their sandwiches.

I love desserts but I don’t sugar coat my opinions. Thanks for reading my honest review about Meat & Bread!

  • the ciabatta bun

  • the sandwich
  • limited options
  • the hype
  • the price
  • the line-ups

Meat & Bread on Urbanspoon

Meat & Bread
370 Cambie Street, Vancouver

-by Jenny Shen, Eat With Jenny