New design

I haven’t had much time to write blog posts, but I’ve been thinking about revamping the look of the blog. This new theme is only the beginning. Let me know what you think!

Meanwhile, you can follow my latest food adventures on Foursquare and Foodspotting.


30 Day Challenge Reflection

On December 1st, I signed myself up for a 30 Days Blogging Challenge. I wanted to get used to blogging and test myself how much effort I can put into the blog.

After a month of marathon blogging, I ended up finishing 23 posts in December, which is a 77% completion rate. I could have finished all 30 posts if I sacrifice the quality and just put up short posts. But all the posts I’ve done so far included photos (resized and watermarked), details of  the foods, links and information of the restaurants. Considering that I was busy with freelance projects, school, organization of the Food Bloggers Meetups, many events and gatherings, I don’t think I can do any more than that.

Aside from the food blog, setting up the Facebook page and the Food Bloggers meetup helped me build momentum. I enjoyed sharing my passion in food, and I am really honored to meet many other food bloggers and food lovers.

The overwhelming support I have been receiving during the entire time I was blogging is amazing. I was surprised to find that people I know from school, salsa, yoga, work and twitter know about this food blog! Whether you are reading or sharing about my blog, commenting on my blog posts, or simply being supportive of this process, I appreciate it very much. I especially want to thank Vincent for being the top commenter – with 22 comments during the 30 days challenge!

Although I won’t be in Vancouver to organize any meetups, I will still be on Twitter and Facebook, and will be blogging about Vancouver (and Indian) food while I’m on my internship in India.